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This is not the SEO optimized article. This is the Information I have Written for my personal use to read anytime.

Google Webmaster
Google Webmaster is free seo tool from google which allows you to communicate with google how google sees your site. It is used to calculate website performance and other details of search engine.
Search Appearance
1) Structured Data:
It allows search engine to not only crawl your site but truly understand it.
Generally you see errors in strucuture data regarding your site. Structured data explains your content of your website and it tells how search engine is viewing our post. Like what will the title of the post, post author, missing date. Search engine get All information through structured data.
If you have error then it will do negative impact on your seo.
2) Data Highlighter:
It is tool to highlight different sections of the website pages or blogs. For example highlight the date and time, author name, title of the page. Google basically use this tool to let their crawlers easily understand a webpage more efficiently.
3)Rich Cards:
Structured data for things like recipes, articles, videos,breadcrumb, sitelinks , social profile can appear in rich cards

4) Html Improvements:
Google tells us about long meta description, short meta description, duplicate meta description for your website. You want to remove this url from removed urls option.
AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.
This is not surprising, since the number of mobile Internet users is constantly increasing and will continue to increase due to the popularity of gadgets. AMP does not helps in improving the ranking
Search Traffic
7)Search analytics:-
Search analytics help you understand how web searchers are interacting with your content. It will Analyze your performance on Google Search.
It tells about the queries about the clicks,impressions, ctr, position of the keyword rank in serp, devices from which you are receiving more traffic,countries wise traffic you receive
8)Links to your site:-
It will show you the number of links that are linking to your particular, for example you have created the backlink, then it will show in this side.
9)Internal Links:-
It will show the number of links which are linked to a particular page.
1) Manual Actions:-
If you have penalty through search engines or if you have done something spammy.
In this section you can request google to proceed this thing.
Ask to reindex your website again and remove the penalty.
10)International Targeting:-
According to me, we can set our site on specific country.
Google index
11)index status:-
It will show the data of last url which is to be indexed by crawler on a particular date.
12)Remove urls:-
If you have a request to remove url from the search result.
13)Crawl errors:-
Crawl Errors: Errors which come during crawling of any website.

Generally there are two types of crawl errors:


URL Errors-> The URL errors section of the report is divided into two categories desktop and smartphone, then we have to fix it through remove url option.

Soft404-> page not found pages that return the server response code of 200
14) Crawl Stats

It will show the data how many pages crawled per day,kilobytes downloaded per day .

Fetch: When you give command for Fecth an url at Search Console, it means googlebot will not crawl images, CSS, Java script.

Fetch and Render: When you use this option, googlebot will also crawl CSS, Java script.


15) URL Parameters can be specified to Google so that they crawl or ignore URLs with the specified parameters.
16) Security Issues

If your websites get hacked ,google will show in security issue section.
Structured Data Markup Helper

Boost Your SEO by Using Schema Markup,it is used for adding review and rating section.

Different types of schema mark up’s are:

Local businesses

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