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This is not the SEO optimized article. This is the Information I have Written for my personal use to read anytime.

1. Content should be unique and not duplicate.
2. Content should be rich content like ppt, pdf, video, image , infographics.
3. Content should be more than 600 words.
4. Break Your Paragraph after 4 ½ to 5½ Lines.
5. Write your title three times in first 300 words and bold, italic, underline one by one.
6. First 3½ lines doesn’t mention delicacy.
7.Heading Tags H1 to H6.
8. Title should be in H1 tag and only one H1 should be there.
9. Write your title 2 times in H2 tag.
10. Write Keywords and Synonyms at the beginning of the content and bold them.
11. Use your keywords in Heading tags(Which you want to target in Search engine)(According to client requirement).
12. Use at least 5-10 keywords per Post.
13. Focus keyword should be targeted in Meta Title , Target only 1 Keyword, Don’t Target multiple keywords in Meta Title.
14. Use Rest of your keywords in Meta Description, First 100 Words of your content, Use your keywords in heading tags. They will be generally target in search engine.
15. Keyword density Should be 2% to 3%.
16. Use keyword to give Heading.
17. Check Your Content Duplicacy from and
18. Title length must be 60-70 characters(including Spaces). Characters length for different languages can be different.
19. Meta description must be 160 to 170 Characters Minimum, 320 Characters Maximum.
20. Weekly Post Updation is required for the website to make Google friendly. Google loves this.
21. Use Lsi(Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.
22. Start writing ur blog with introduction part like first tell about your niche.
23. Describe I and u here, write content related to audience, if audience loves it google will also love it.
24. Add alt tags in images and also target your focus keyword, if you 5 or 6 images, use other keywords which your client want to target.
25. Choose that theme in which your content will be easily readable by the user.
26. Set Featured Images to every pages or post.
27. Discussion page will be there in the website or comment section. Make sure if the user asks any question in the comment section, owner of a website must reply to that questions. Google Love this thing.
28. Ux/ UI Will be good for your design, If your site look Is good then a user will stay a long time and there will be a chance for Decreasing your Bounce Rate. Higher exit Rate not prefer.

Great Content Strategy + Link Building +Content Is King