Technology has changed the world around us and the way things work for us. If you think we have seen it all then you are absolutely wrong. There is still a lot to explore and witness. Just keep reading.

Wearable devices that will keep a check on your health

Nowadays the technology has the capability to make predictions whether it is about the weather, health related problems or anything else. There are machines that have been invented which can help to diagnose certain kind of diseases. Every kind of a technology is already on its way.


Running a business was never easy. Bigger the organization more challenges a person will have to face in order to run it. Thanks to the chatbots they help in giving a better shape to the businesses. Chatbots help to attend the customers and clients, round the clock, making the businesses available online 24*7. In the coming years, you will find this conversion magnet getting more personal and powerful. The chatbots have the power of machine learning and have predictive analytics technologies.


A few months back Pokemon was a rage everywhere. Nothing more but it has definitely given the users an open idea of losing the sense of reality for quite a good time in the current virtual world. Pokemon gave the gaming world quite a stir by changing the whole concept of playing. Instead of caging the brains and bodies of the people infront of the entertainment boxes it introduced them to a huge world which gave them a freedom to be free. The other gaming companies have since then taken it as a cue after studying the interests of the people. Since the setting up of the first milestone numerous other names have come up who are planning to experiment with this technology whether it is, retail, healthcare or education. A few months back Pokemon was the breaking news of every channel as people were going crazy about no matter how old or young. It was the national english news for quite some time!


Automation has moved way ahead from its involvement in the production lines. There are an innumerable ways in which you can create its presence around us by becoming one of the most awaited new technologies of 2020.

Automation technology is helping anyone and everyone. From packaging the juice boxes to delivering the pizza in the self-driving vehicles, automation is the climbing the food chain to reach the top from doing the most basic of the tasks to doing a lot more complex and decision making tasks.

Facial Recognition

The unique identity of your face will become the ideal technology partner by 2020. Brought into trend buy the iPhone X it has now been taken ahead by various industries who are now adopting this technology.

Prescriptive Analysis

It will help to collect the user data that will help the businesses in a unique way.


By the time 2020 will be near you will be under the spell of the super fast connection and various other perks that will come along with it. 5G internet connection finds its place in the market very soon, bringing with itself benefits such as lower latency, internet speed and higher capacities. The benefit of the 5G will make it one of the prime future technologies trends in the 2020 and beyond.


It tops the list of the upcoming technologies and you must certainly look upto this technology in the years to come. It has been estimated that by the end of 2020, about a quarter of billion will get hooked to the internet. With the increase in the number of users there will be more feedbacks and the changes and developments will increase manifold.

Some technology trends that will be a rage in the coming years include the following technologies:

  • 5G Technology
  • Prescriptive Analysis
  • Edge Computing
  • IoT
  • Facial Recognition

Big Data

With the help of the ever growing amount of interaction between the machines and the humans, the devices that you can carry along with you every waking hour has become a massive repository of data. Data is waiting to be converted into meaning information and it is an insight for the businesses which to offer better services.

The aforementioned technologies are sure going to be a blockbuster in the market.

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