Digital Marketing Course in Rajpura

This is not the SEO optimized article. This is the Information I have Written for my personal use to read anytime.

  1. Age of your Domain
  2. Placing Keyword in Domain
  3. Having Domain First word as Keyword
  4. Registration period of the domain
  5. Subdomain Name as Keyword
  6. History of your Domain
  7. Exact Match Domain
  8. Public WhoIs and Private WhoIs-> in public whois your domain information will be seen by Google and it will help you to rank in search engine.
  9. Penalty on WhoIs owner
  10. Country extension
  11. Title Tag as Keyword
  12. Meta Title Tag Starts with Keyword
  13. Keyword in Meta Description Tag
  14. Keyword Density
  15. Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Content (LSI)
  16. LSI Keywords in Meta Title and Meta Description Tags
  17. Page Loading Speed ->pagespeed insight
  18. Duplicate Content->plagiarism checker
  19. Canonical Tag
  20. Website Image Optimization
  21. New Content Updates
  22. Maintaining Freshness in Page Content, don’t change words-> talking about the old page.
  23. Keywords in the first 100 words
  24. H1, H2, and H3 Tags has Keywords
  25. Quality Outbound Links->refer any website
  26. Outbound Link Category
  27. Spell checks and Grammar Errors-> Grammarly
  28. Helpful Widgets-> currency calculator
  29. Multimedia-> images, videos, infographic, use subheadings, bullets, content wide
  30. Number of Backlinks, Referring domain
  31. Quality of Backlinks
  32. Broken Links (URLs)
  33. Reading Time
  34. Affiliate Page
  35. Domain Authority of Page Host
  36. Your Page Rank
  37. Total no of URL Character-> longer URL can harm your site.
  38. Category of Web Page->(breadcrumb)
  39. URL Containing Keyword
  40. Including References and Sources
  41. Using Bullets and Numbering
  42. Giving Priority to a page in Sitemap
  43. Ranking your page on Different Keywords
  44. User-Friendly UI
  45. Parked Domains
  46. User-friendly Content
  47. Contact info Page
  48. Domain Trust-rank
  49. Website/Page Architecture
  50. Sitemap
  51. Server Location
  52. SSL Certificate
  53. Privacy Policy / Terms of Services
  54. Breadcrumb-> give direction to the user, that this page exists in this and this subdirectory, breadcrumb appears in SERP for a particular website.
  55. Mobile Optimisation
  56. YouTube, Vimeo
  57. Using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  58. Visitors Review and Website Reputation-> google my business
  59. of Refereeing Domains
  60. Total Number of Linking Pages
  61. Image Alt Tag (for Image Links)
  62. Links from .edu or .gov, .net Domains
  63. Authority of Back-linking Page
  64. Back-links from Competitor websites-> check from ahref
  65. Backlink indexing tool-> backlink indexer,indexification
  66. Social Shares Buttons Page
  67. Guest Posts: Great advantage for your website traffic. A guest post to the famous blog with source backlink can provide you a good rank in serp.
  68. Back-links to Homepage
  69. Nofollow Back-links-> Links with nofollow tag will stop google to follow it.
  70. Back-links from different sites,different site:check through serp
  71. Paid Back-links: decrease the value in serp.-> seoclerks,fiverr(black hat seo)
  72. Hyperlinks in Content: Google crawler catches hyperlink faster in content part.
  73. Excessive 301 Redirects: decrease the value in ranking
  74. Country Domain Extension of Referring Domain: Getting backlink from country top level domain will help to rank faster
  75. Back-link Location In Content: link in the beginning of the content carries more weight.
  76. Linking Relevant Domains
  77. Back-link from High Authority Websites
  78. Having Wikipedia Listing
  79. Backlink Age
  80. org Integration on Website(structured data markup helper)
  81. Word Count of Linking Content: Link from 5000 word content is more important than 1000 words
  82. Organic Click Through Rate for a Keyword: Page which get more click through rate will get a boost in serp for that keyword.
  83. Bounce Rate
  84. Direct Traffic
  85. Repeat Traffic: when a user is visiting your site again and again , google gives slight boost.
  86. Chrome Bookmarks: webpage bookmarked on chrome may get slight boost in serp. We all know that chrome browser is google product
  87. Number of Comments: More the comments in your website, more the ranking you will get in search engine.
  88. Dwell Time: How much time user spending on your website while going through serp. Dwell time counts no of sessions, bounce rate.
  89. User Browsing History
  90. Query Deserves Freshness
  91. User Search History
  92. Geo-Targeting
  93. Safe Search: Keyword containing adult term will not appear to people who have safe search on.
  94. Google+ Circles: Add your site here.
  95. DMCA Complaints: Google gives penalty and does not rank the page that is registered with DMCA complaints.
  96. Domain Diversity: Google big foot update added more domains to serp.
  97. Local Searches: Google sometime place google+ local results above serp organic results.
  98. Big brand preference: After google vince update google is giving preference to big brand in short tail and one word keywords.
  99. Shopping Results: Someone google display shopping results in organic search results
  100. Image Results
  101. Number of Tweets
  102. Authority of Twitter Users Accounts
  103. A number of Facebook Likes
  104. Facebook Shares
  105. Pinterest Pins
  106. Votes on Social Sharing Sites
  107. Site Has Facebook Page , twitter and Likes
  108. A number of RSS Subscribers
  109. The website is Tax Paying Business
  110. Links to Bad sites: links from pharmacy sites can harm your ranking.
  111. Popups or Distracting Ads: unnecessary pops create a sign of low quality for a particular website.
  112. Ads Above the Fold: Google target that page which have lots of google ads.
  113. IP Address Flagged as Spam: if your ip address is marked as spam, then all of your sites on the server will effect
  114. Linking Domain Relevancy: Getting backlinks from irrelevant websites are useless.
  115. Technology Creates Big Roles

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