Google Rank Brain:-

Google rank brain will automatically study user query and it will provide the best solution on the basis of what user is searching.

Google Pigeon Update:-

This update will provide locally search result, so that it will be more relevant.

For example, if I need “Ac Repair” then google will find nearby person who Is dealing in Ac Repair.

Google Panda Update:- 2011 release

It works on content , website having thin or copy content or spammy. Google doesn’t rank these types of websites.

Web spamming(cloaking,keyword excessing), keyword stuffing

Google Penguin Update:- 2012 release

Spammy links(paid or irrelevant)

Website page links will be considered by this update. If I have 5 links in my website , in which 4 are broken 404 error or content is not there, google will not rank these types of websites.

Google Pirate Update:-

If I have inserted pirate music, videos in my website, google will not rank my website.

Google Humming Bird:-

It will target long tail keywords.

Lsi keywords, social media+ forums

Mobile Friendly Update:-

65% Mobile Visit are there , AMP(Accerlated Mobile Pages) it will increase mobile page speed.

Google Possum Update:-

Refer to local search engine, if you are in Mumbai and you have search for “best hospital in delhi” then it will show the desired results also.

Create backlinks on high DOMAIN PR BACKLINKS

Low quality/thin content-> write 100 words per post, videos, infographics, images are not used

Why you Backlinks can’t be indexed?

Your content is not unique
Your backlink -> Lower quality and less valuable backlinks do not index well.
You are posting on sites with “noindex”-> some website place no index site on new pages
You are posting on spammy platforms.

How to Get Your Backlinks Indexed

Ping your new backlinks.,

Noopener: Malicious code opens when you open new website and you can’t access that link.

Tips to follow:- wait for 1 or 2 week to approve your backlinks

1)Check Backlink index status:-

2) Social Bookmarking or sharing

3) Web2.0 Sites

4)Google Submit url

5)Ping your Backlinks- Pingdom,pingler,pingfarm,bulkping,pingbomb

Use backlinks indexer website(paid)

Build Tier Two Links

Index Rate Potential: High

Tier1->Web 2.0 Links

Tier2-> 60High PA ,over wiki and profile backlinks

Tier3->60 high pa web 2.0

Why use social bookmarking sites?

1) Bookmarking is the fastest way to index your website or blog persons in search

engine -google ,bing , yahoo etc.

2)Top Social Bookmarking sites have high PR.

3) social bookmarking websites submission helps to generate new relevant traffic

4) it will improve your domain authority

Google Sandbox:->

Google Sandbox is an area where less authority websites are kept for a specified period of time until they establish themselves of being displayed in google search result. The idea of google sandbox is that newer websites are not as relevant than older websites and they are likely to do spam.

How to check my website is in google sandbox or not?

Disavow tool