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This is not the SEO optimized article. This is the Information I have Written for my personal use to read anytime.

What are the Off-page factors?

Some of the important off-page factors are:

•The number of domains linking to your website
• How many links are pointing to your site from other domain
• The page ranks of the linking page
• Authority of linking domain
• Links from the homepages
• Relevancy of the link
• Link diversity
• Contextual links(same as internal link)


1)noFollow and dofollow links:
Dofollow link passes link juice and they definitely help you much more to achieve good page rank.
A nofollow link doesn’t pass link juice, does not boost PageRank, doesn’t help in page placement in SERP
<a >Link Text</a>

  1. Search engine submission:

Google webmaster tool. It is an effective tool for web promotion. It refers to the direct submission of website to the search engine. It is the form of internet marketing that helps increase the ranking of the webpage.
I would recommend manually submitting your website pages to search engine.
Google search console
free search engine submission websites

  1. Directory Submission:

Well, directory submission is the first step of SEO to get into the business online. You have seen phone directory, much the same. In the phone, you can locate any number by name. same here you can discover any business data
Get more flow towards your website and improve search engine rankings
Two types of directories:
a) Instant directories:
In this directories, you can submit your website information or business information instantly. There is no need for approval for website owner in which you are submitting the website.
b) Authority websites(Approval based directory):
In this directories, you can’t submit your website until you are approved by the website owner

Steps of directory submission:
• Place your keyword in “title” field.
• Submit your description
• Submit url, which is to be ranked with keyword placed in “title” field.
• Submit your business or communication mail id.

  1. Social Bookmarking:

It’s a way to bookmark our Favorite Web pages to read them anytime and anywhere if we are connected to the internet. You can store your pages in social bookmarking websites. These bookmarks can be viewed by any person. Any person who is active on that site where you have store your bookmark.
Why Social Bookmarking comes?
When we surf the internet for any information, we bookmarked some pages so that we can read them later .
Due to some reason if our browser get crashed or our system gets formatted or if we are not in front of the computer where we save our bookmark then we can’t access them.
We have to surf again to access those pages. To overcome this issue we use social bookmarking. Now we can use bookmarks easily from any location using any computer which is connected by the internet.
Website for S.B -> StumbleUpon

Why use social bookmarking sites?
1) Bookmarking is the fastest way to index your website or blog persons in search
engine -google ,bing , yahoo etc.
2)Top Social Bookmarking sites have high PR. if you have backlink from them, you will get
quality backlinks
3) social bookmarking websites submission helps to generate new relevant traffic
4) by submitting on social bookmarking sites, your blog post can go viral
5) it will improve your domain authority

remember any thing to bookmark, so you access it again(ex-> notes)

addtoany extension for chrome

  1. Classfied Ads Submission:

Classified Submission is a task for link building. In this task, we create classified ads for our product or services webpage with all details like product title, description, product image, product details, and contact details.
How it will be the benefit for your business:
• Increase website direct traffic or increase your brand value
• It also helps in the sale
• Increases your backlink score

  1. Article Submission
    Article Submission Can be one of the Most successful. It generally refers to writing articles that are relevant to your online business and then them added to the popular article submission directories. The main purpose of article submission is to attract a large number of visitors and links to your website.
    Two of the main benefits:
    a) Article Submission can enhance and improve the ranking of your online business in search engine by increasing the quality of backlinks and PR
    b) By providing valuable details and information within articles, it builds the trust of potential customers thereby getting the reason to visit the website
    5 Key Points to consider while writing the article
    a) Article Should be original and information-rich
    b) Article should be keyword rich but not excessive to the point of keyword stuffing
    c) The average length of the article should be 500 and 700
    d) Give a unique title to your article with the main keyword into it so easy to make easy for web crawlers to identify and classify the topic of your article
    e) Giving Subheading, numbering,, and bullets to make it presentable and easy to read for potential customers
  2. Press release
    The main use of press release in SEO is that which type of new products or new services that are coming to be release or launch. It is like giving news to channel. Company achieve some profit or providing the discount to customers. We will create news and share on press release websites
    • Seo press release help your website to rank higher search engine ranking
    • It will improve site popularity ranking by encouraging inbound links from new sources, blogs etc

Press Release in SEO-> upto 500-600words
5 Types of Press Relases
1) General News
2) Event
3) Product
4) Staff announcement
5) Launching

  1. Blog Commenting
    It is a process of posting comments on webpages with a backlink to your website.
    Posting comments manually can also be done by those purely looking for the backlink.
    It is way to get the backlink for your website

9.Forum Posting
A forum is a place where people gather online to discuss a topic of interest. They are usually niche specific. Since my niche is seo, I go to the forums where people discuss about SEO issue.
When you participate in forum discussion, you are often allowed to leave your content with the link of your website. If the domain has good DA it will boost your SEO.
Getting link from warrior Forum is good

  1. Ping Website Submission:
    Pinging is a process to notify google to re-crawl our page.
    index your pages, you need to ping your pages & its backlinks to be indexed
    Pinging is the process of letting search engine know that there was recent update in your website.
    Go to wordpress settings(Go to writing)-> Save these all websites, it will do automatic pinging, when you publish new article in your blog, it will automatically ping your article to all ping websites…%20…%20…%20…%20

11.Web 2.0 Submission:-
Make the new website in, and promote your URL

Web 2.0 Submission sites work as same as for posting your content on another website. Most of the Websites allow you to create the free subdomain for posting your content like a blog. Place on 2 links on single blog

Why do web 2.0 Submissions?

  •  Most of the website provides do follow links,Higher Domain Authority
  • All these websites have high domain authority that helps your domain to boost the rankings in search engine.
  •  These websites have also helped to generate high traffic
  •  Choose this right submission to rank over SERP and boost your website ranking.
  • Only a few links can take your pa from 0 to 20.
  • Create Mandotry Pages of About us, contact us, privacy policy
  • Article with 500+ Words

wordpress DA97 TUMBLR DA98 OUT OF 100!

check any website is index or not (site:sitename)

12.Images Submission Site List:
It means leaving your images related to your site in different image submission or sharing sites.
JPEG,PNG AND GIF Formats are supported by the browser

it is a way to post your website related images with url on other websites, developing fine inbound links and get referral site visitors to your site.
Two ways in which you can make image submission:
1) Posting images on your website
2) Submitting or posting images in image submission sites

Image Selection
File Format
Image Optimization
File Name
Alternative Text

  1. Q & A(Quora):
    Quora is a great social media platform for those who have lots of question on topics and those who can be helpful and answer a lot of questions. It is a great strategy for SEO expert to bring some audience to our website that is relevant to our niche.

14.Guest Posting
Guest Posting is a method in which you write an article for a website and get a link to your website/blog. You may also link to your social media profiles.
Most of the time you will get a link from the author bio:
a) It is win situation for both the parties. You Will get the link from the website and owner get content for his/her parties.
b) Guest post posted on the popular blog which having lot of email subscribers which will add more advantage and is not limited to just link building.
c) If your post will be popular , you will get the opportunity to interact with the audience through blog comments
How to do Guest Posting?
The First step to finding the blog which is relevant to your niche. Make Sure that blog has a good number of social following and a good number of comments.
To find out blogs for guest posting, go to google search
“keyword” + write for us
“keyword” + contribute

keyword intitle:”write for us”
keyword intitle:”write for me”
keyword intitle:”contribute to”
keyword”submit a guest post”
keyword “guest post”
keyword “guest post by”
keyword “accepting guest posts”
keyword “guest post guidelines”
keyword “guest author”
keyword “guest article”
keyword “guest column”
keyword “become a contributor”


Once you find the blog, contact the blog owner and pitch your guest post idea.

  1. Infographic Submission
    Infographic is the visual image such as a chart or diagram that is used to represent complex information or data that can be quickly and easily understood by the consumer.

Start Finding High-Quality Infographic Submission, Infographic are more eye-catching than printed words.

16.Wikipedia “cosmetic surgery” intext:”dead link
a) Find dead link from Wikipedia “keyword phrase” ”dead link”
b) After finding dead links from Wikipedia then paste your own website link which you think it is more relevant to my business category
or another method( visit wiki grabber)
a) Enter your keyword then after clicking on the dead link
b) Then there will be some links come to click on one of the Wikipedia
c) After Wikipedia page open, find your dead link by typing “dead”
d) After dead link find, search for on which number it is placed
e) Find that number and click on edit source, this option is showing on the upper side
f) Then match your business category, if it’s matching then change your link
g) Remove this dead part {{dead link|date=January 2018|bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }}
h) Then click on save

  1. PPT Submission:
    If you want to promote your site, you can also make a ppt of your products or services and share them on high pr ppt submission sites.

18.Referring Domain V/s Backlink:

Website which are already ranked , create backlinks on that website
Check PA, DA , SPAM SCORE, PAGE RANK , while creating backlink
More than 50 pa and da , create your backlink on that website
Do link exchange while creating backlink
You don’t require 100 backlinks to rank your website, if you have 5 backlinks which are coming from high trusted websites, your website can easily get ranked.
Backlink is a link in which one website get the link from another website
Backlink make huge impact on ranking of website in search engine results. They are considered for improving a website seo ranking. Search engine use multiple factors for ranking the website over search engine. No one sure how much weight search engine to backlinks when listing results on SERP(Search Engine Result Page)

19. Backlinks from aged domains may be useful.

20. Higher the number of referring domain, it may be useful.

21. Higher PA/DA/Page Rank will be considered.

22. Website which have high bounce rate, dont make backlink their. Check bounce rate from similar web.

23. Links from .edu and .gov rank higher in search engine.

24. Backlinks from competitor Website.

25. Backlinks to homepage play cruical role in search engine rankings

26. Excessive 301 Redirects decrease the value of all page and seo also.

27.Backlink From same website niche shows relevacywhich is important in SERP results.

28.Excessive link exchange should be avoided

29.301 Redirection can lose link juice as compared to direct link.

30.Pages with lots of comments is sign for user interaction.

31. Votes on social sharing sites, website have lot of facebook page likes, it help to increase ranking in SERP.

32.Unnecesseary POPUPS are a sign of low quality site.

33. Google Sandbox->when new sites get too many backlinks, google keeps in sandbox and limit visibility for sometime.

34.Placing keyword in domain give relevancy to rank in search engine.

35.If you have purchased your domain for long term, it shows you are legitimate

36. Having a country tld(top level domain) extension may help to rank higher in search engine(in,us)

37. Video Submission in Seo

Get Quality Backlinks by submitting your videos in best videos submission sites

You can make the account of video submission sites and after registration account, upload your videos add relevant title, description and tags in the video.


PDF Submission website provides high quality backlinks & traffic to your website,pdf submission means promote your content as pdf format, you can create pdf brochure for your website and promote it online.

RSS stands for “really simple syndication” or depending on who you ask,
rich site summary. RSS feeds are simple text files that, once submitted
to feed directories, will allow subscribers to see content within a very
short time after it’s updated on your website.

RSS Feeds Benefits->
index and crawl the website fast
1. RSS feed has no impact on your site serp ranking.
2. RSS feeds only helps search engine like google to index content of
your site faster and more efficiently.
3. Its google to use RSS feeds if your website needs to update content
regulary. if you have a news website or blog site, having RSS FEED will help
search engines pick up all the new urls and crawl them.
4. RSS feeds help to repeat visitors to your site, which will boost engagement
metrics and the value of your pages in google eyes.
search engine pick up all the new urls and crawl them.

How to index Backlinks Fast in Google
Why backlinks not indexed
1) Content quallity is thin(low volumne content) and not original
2) Never create backlinks from spammy sites and spammy way.
3) No index tag-> noindex backlinks can’t be indexed
nofollow, noopener
tips to follow backlinks indexing
1) Check backlink index status-
2) share your backlinks in social media
3) google submit url
4) ping your backlinks

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Rating: 5 – ‎Review by 96,563