This is not the SEO optimized article. This is the Information I have Written for my personal use to read anytime.


  • The number of keywords to be optimized:
  • First, do some keyword research on Keyword Planner(Google Product).
  • Because Google doesn’t care how many words you have stuff in the article. Because we don’t optimize for keywords anymore.
  • You look at the main keyword associated with the main keyword.
  • Also check the competition of the keyword which you are using like Short, medium, long tail keywords.
  • Choose Competitor Permalinks Website and include that keyword in your website
  • Choose Searchers related to search engine friendly analysis and add them in your keyword website list
  • Choose good business places and include on your website
  • Choose that keywords which are suggested by google search results.

Website Audit

  • Search Engine Friendly Analysis->
  • Optimize meta  title, meta description, usage of keywords in title and meta description tag.
  • optimized your heading tags, include robots.txt file, include sitemap.
  • Broken Links Check-> you can check through seositecheckup
  • Seo Friendly Url(Optimize your Permalink)
  • Broken Links Test, Favicon Test, Social Media Check
  • Keyword Research Analysis-> keyword planner, ahrefs
  • Duplicate Content Analysis->
  • Competitor Analysis,competitor keywords analysis-> Ahref
  • Page Size Check

On average, a page load for e-commerce websites takes 7 seconds meanwhile the ideal load time is around 3 sec or less

What can lower your page speed?

  • Your Web Hosting
  • Embedded Media
  • Too many ads
  • Your Theme
  • Plugins or apps
  • Coding Part-> HTML/CSS or javascript


1)Meta Tags Optimization:

Meta Tag helps webmaster to provide information about your website to Search Engine. Meta tags are added into the <head> section of HTML page.

Meta title:

This is the text that you’ll see at top of the browser. When You give the title to your page in <head> that means you are giving meta Title. When you search for a particular query in search engine, the pages you will See in SERP are the Meta Title of every page. This is very important to Standout in SERP. Relevant and well optimized Meta Title helps will increase the chance of Click Through Rate.

Meta Description:

This will be the short description of the page which helps search engine and searchers to understand the page what is all about.

Meta Keywords:

Google Has ignored meta keywords. So there will no use. If you want to specify, specify only 5 to 10  meta tags on a single page. In certain conditions, sometimes some meta tags can appear in search engine for your website. You can check meta keywords using Google chrome toolbar, mozbar.

2) Heading Tags:

Heading tags play important role in structuring your content. If your visitors scan your content and it is an easy way for the reader to read. A search engine will be likely to do well. Heading Tags Will be From H1 to H6.

3)Url Optimization (permalink):

An optimized URL is search engine friendly URL. It should first of all be readable, user read a URL before clicking.

Here are a few points you must have to read:

  • Avoid Parameters
  • Use hyphens instead of underscore.
  • Don’t use any capital in the URL
  • Keywords in URL, use focus keyword
  • Block bad URL with robots.txt
  • Prefer static URL
  • Add the canonical tag to URL

URL MAPPING-> It is the process of making the layout of the keyword on which page your particular keyword will be targeted. So if page will be targeted with the specific keyword and it is called URL mapping

URL Rewriting-> to make SEO friendly URL

4)Alt Text Optimization:

It is important for the images to give alt text. Chances will be higher, it will rank in Google images also.

5)301 and 302 redirection:

301 indicates permanent moving of the content, while 302 redirect means temporary moving

Question is that if you’d better add the 301 redirects?

If you have changed the directory of the whole WordPress installation.

If you have transferred your site to a new domain name and worry about the drop of the online ranking.

If you have changed the permalink settings of your website.

6)404 error

A 404 error triggered when someone tries to go to the page that doesn’t exist

404 error is useful in SEO:-

  • It tells the search engine don’t index this page because the URL is invalid and creates a poor user experience for the user.

Display message of “page not found” for the invalid URLs.

7)Canonical Issue:

A canonical issue arises when 301 redirects are not properly placed. This means that your website is accessed by google from several different URLs. This means search engine index your website under different URLs, means it will look like a site of duplicated content.

For example, if you have the website then the index can be accessed from different URLs

8)Favicon for your Website:

Favicon is a small element but it creates brand visibility that is hard to ignore. All trusted brand use favicon

9)Hidden and Invisible Text:

The purpose of hidden text to show different text to both search engines and visitors. This trick is used to fool google a lot. This trick counts in black hat SEO.

10)Inbound Links & Outbound Links->

  • Inbound Link: Inbound links are also referred as backlink which you get from third party website to improve your ranking in serp.
  • Outbound Link: Sending the customer from one blog to another, so that it can find more information about this relevant topic, just to give the reference . Example->> backlink to some website.)

11) Internal Links & External Link->

  • Internal Link: Links that point to content within same domain(Same Website Movement)( We link our own pages of the websites)
  • External Link: if another websites link to you, for example links to

12)Robot.txt  Sitemap.xml 

Both are used for search engine optimization. It is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website in search engine. These files need to be updated in Google search console. If you don’t update, your website doesn’t get index properly. when you upload these files, you give some instructions and suggestion to the search engine.


It is an xml[Extensible Markup Language] file used for the website. The search engine uses sitemap.xml to learn about website structure.


It is the text file which is used in the website also called robots exclusion protocol. The purpose of robots.txt to tell web robots which page is restricted and allowed. We can allow or disallow any webpage.

  1. User-agent: *
  2. Disallow: /cgi-bin/
  3. Disallow: /tmp/
  4. Disallow: /junk/

13)Geo Site Map:

Geo site map helps in local SEO. It will add small or large scale business details. This will help google where to find geographical details to your location. By this you can easily attract customers, increase traffic and also increase brand visibility.

14)Schema code:

Schema is set of codes which you add in your website to provide more information about your content to the search engines.

15)W3C Validation Check:

The validator checks HTML or CSS code in your website

16)Browser Compatability Check->,  page speed insight

17)Text to HTML ratio:

Every website has a certain amount of backend code and a certain amount of text in the front end. The text to HTML ratio to the amount of text on a webpage versus the HTML code on the same webpage.

25 to 70% a good text to HTML ratio.

Social sharing buttons will be there on the website

Mobile Site Compatibility: Check if your site works with Smart Phones and Tablets

  • Broken Link: Check if you have any broken link in your website or not
  • 404 Error: check if you have any 404 error or page not found in your website or not.
  • Spelling check and Grammar check: If you have some grammatical mistakes in your content. Then this thing google doesn’t love, so make sure to correct it before publishing the content.
  • Use SSL(Secure Socket Layer): It will maintain a good trust with the website.

WordPress Image Compression Using The WP Plugin

Image compress

Don’t install much more plugins in WordPress

Choose the best web hosting

Popups allow to slow down

Images which are of not use delete them in media WordPress

If you have wordpress website, then if you use wordpress hosting, it will be good to rank in search engine result page.

18)Dwell time:

Dwell time calculates user engagement, session duration, and serp ctrs.

Bounce rate I can check through Similar Web

19)Keyword Density, Proximity & Prominence Check

Keyword Density is the number of keywords which appears in single page content. So if a page has 2000 words and keyword appearing 20 times, it will have a keyword density of 2%.

Keyword Proximity Refers to the distance between search terms and individual keywords. For example, there are 2 websites A and B contains keywords that make up a search term as “Seo Questions” and site A has title as “Seo Interview Questions ” and site B has title “Important Seo Question” then proximity of site B is higher as compared to site A as there is no distance between search term and individual terms.

Keyword Prominence: Refers to how important your keywords are placed within the webpage. Mainly how close your title is placed at beginning of the page title tag, heading tags(H1, H2) and meta description in which your main keyword and focus keyword are placed.

20)Dont make Parked Domain, it will decreased the visibility in the search engine

21)Contact Information Page will be there, it helps to rank better in SERP.

22)Use PRIVACY POLICY/TERMS & CONDITIONS, It tells google that the owner of the website is trustworthy, also adds Owner Profile(Bio, Pictures etc).

23)Use Breadcrumb-> It helps user and google to identify where they are on the website

24)Mobile Optimization-> Website should be responsive in both mobile and desktop device, Google give penalty to a site which is not responsive.

25)Use Paid themes, Google Loves this.

26)Local Listing -> Maintain Good Review&Ratings in Local Listing, it helps your website to rank higher in search engine.

27) Add Social Share button in the website.

28)Placing keyword in domain give relevancy to rank in search engine.

29)If you have purchased your domain for long term, it shows you are legitimate

show breadcrumbs in search engine result page

screamingfrog,gtmetrix, ahref audit, seositecheckup, seoquake, grammly pro version

Google Analytic Account Setup

Webmaster Tools (Google/Bing) Account Setup